I can’t begin this story without letting you know if you still haven’t seen a single episode of Game of Thrones yet, you’re doing something wrong. If you’d like to start, you have less than TWO months to get ready for the final season. Just use your friend’s HBO password because it’s that big of a deal. Don’t believe me? Well, Oreo is releasing a special edition Game of Thrones pack this Spring.

Image result for oreo game of thrones

I need these for the season eight watch party ASAP. The package itself looks amazing. All black with the house names in the background while the O’s in Oreo have the standard Game of Thrones lines. I love it. And who doesn’t love an excuse to buy Oreos? Now, I wish I could give an exact release date but there just isn’t one yet. All I can say is be on the lookout!


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