I don’t think anyone in this world would turn down $36,500. That’s one year at a university, a luxury car, or 30,000 tacos. You could save it, invest or splurge. Bottom line $36,500 is always necessary and Frank’s RedHot Sauce is giving up to that much away during a spin the bottle game on Superbowl Sunday.

$36,500 is such a specific number but it has some significance. That’s how many days Frank’s RedHot has been serving us one of the best hot sauces in the game. If you did your math then you know this contest is actually in celebration of their 100th birthday!

I have to admit when I first heard what Frank’s RedHot was doing I was a little confused. Trying to play spin the bottle with millions of people that aren’t even in the same room as you seem a little difficult, right? It seems they thought of this too because the game will take place via Twitter live stream. There’ll also be a special guest during the live stream, actor Donnie Wahlberg!

The live stream is set to begin at 6:30 pm on Sunday via their page @franksredhot. Make sure to use #FranksSweepstakes too. Once it begins, you’ll have the option to win a host of prizes and of course the big $36,500. Will you guys be tuning in to the live stream and the game? I might because like I said earlier, $36,500 can’t hurt!


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