Snoop Dogg is launching a major partnership with Dunkin’ and I am totally here for it. Snoop has gotten his own sandwich and was awarded employee of the month. That’s not where it stops though. Snoop now officially has his own line of merch with the coffee chain!

I have to say I really like the merch. I honestly wouldn’t mind rocking some myself. The color scheme would look amazing on my skin. I’m not afraid to say that orange, green, and white really is popping.

So why is Snoop getting in good with Dunkin’ so well? Well, he’s their official brand spokesperson for Beyond Meat! Yasssss, get that bag Snoop! His new Dunkin’ sandwich called the Beyond D-O-Double-G is made of the plant-based sausage, egg, and cheese. If you want to try the sandwich it should be in stores now, and if you want to buy some Dunkin’ x Snoop merch just head to their online store.


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