Okay, I’m all for splurging.

There was one time I went to one of those juicy crab spots. You know, the kind where you get the seafood in a bag. I prefer the sauce where it’s all in one – cajun, lemon pepper, and garlic – all wrapped into one banging sauce. Cuz, well, that’s just the kinda guy that I am. They were so good, I ordered three bags. And ate them all. Right then and there. But, it wasn’t too bad – because crab is low carb, low fat, and high protein, right? LOL

You get my gist.

Disney just introduced a hot dog that’s topped with lobster mac & cheese! It was originally introduced as a limited-edition menu item. But, it has been so popular that it’s now a thing and it’s sticking around.

For $15, you get the lobster mac and cheese dog on a crunchy French roll and it comes with house-made chips.

Fifteen whole dollars tho? You buying, or nah?


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