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Did Y’all See KimYe’s Kitchen?!


I love, love, LOVE home decor and if you follow me on my social media then you’ve seen I’m no stranger to redoing my living room or kitchen. I watch the home improvement shows I go on Pinterest so I thought I had seen it all, or at least a lot. Nothing prepared me for what I saw when Kim Kardashian decided to give Instagram a tour of her and Kanye West’s kitchen. Honey. Let me just say I think they have the kitchen of my dreams.

I used to watch MTV Cribs faithfully and I don’t think I saw a kitchen that could top this one. Jealous might be an understatement to how I feel right now. But I’ll stop gushing about and just let you see for yourself. Take a look at the tour here:

See what I mean?! That refrigerator is about the size of the ones I have in my restaurants. And all those containers for the dry food? Yasss organization. I mean I understand with four kids, a husband, and a huge family you need to prepared. Those are a lot of mouths to feed on a daily basis! But an entire fridge dedicated to her plant-based diet? Beautiful. I have never seen a kitchen organized so perfectly.

When watching her tour I couldn’t help but think, who’s cleaning it? I’m sure the West Family isn’t above cleaning their own kitchen but with their schedules, I can’t imagine they have the time to do it. At least not all at once. It probably takes an entire village to make sure those fridges and storage places stay clean.

Once again, can we just marvel in the organization? Sis has it down packed to the snacks, dairy, vegetables, I mean everything! Moms out there, would you be able to take advantage of a space like this? Or is there such a thing as too much? Let me know what you think! I’m going to rewatch the tour and take notes for my next home improvement project.


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