What is going on in fast food lately? Just yesterday I told you all about the mouse in the Wendy’s bun bag situation. Today it looks like I have to let you all know that a waitress wanted a chef to spit on a customer’s food. Ew, ick, yuck, horrible, deplorable, just disgusting!!

Image result for receipt telling chef to spit on food

At a beer garden in New York, the Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden, a customer asked for his receipt and found something extremely alarming on it. When he was reading what the waitress listed should be on the burger he noticed ‘PLEASE SPIT IN IT TOO’ was added to list. Y’all. They would have had to calm me down. Actually no because there’s nothing anyone could say to get me to remain calm at that point. It may have taken Jesus himself to get me calm after reading something like that.

The customer still doesn’t know what he did to deserve it. Apparently the waitress was really nice to him. I just hope this isn’t as often as I think it is. Rest assured y’all because I do know the employees of Greens and Gravy would never!! What would you do in this situation?

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