What, what, what?! I never ever pictured this being a move Coldstone Creamery would make but I am super here for it.  Coldstone is introducing not one, but two cereals with the company Malt-O-Meal! First let me just say how absolutely amazing Malt-O-Meal (the oatmeal/cream of wheat product) is soooo, so good. It’s better than most of these oatmeal brands!

Anyway, don’t worry. From what it looks like, the cereal will have nothing to do with the look or taste of oatmeal. The two flavors are going to be Birthday Cake Remix and Strawberry Blonde. Y’all I’m salivating. Oh my goodness.

The Birthday Cake Remix flavor will have cake batter cereal pieces and chocolate marshmallow pieces. Strawberry Blonde will have strawberry and honey graham cereal pieces. Omg this sounds so good. They will be out this month so who’s going to be on the lookout??


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