During this month I’m giving you guys all the vegan news! Why? Well, with my 31 days of Vegan, But With Soul recipes, I figured it would be best to let you all know what else the vegan world has to offer! So you know what that means right? That means when there are new vegan snacks, you’ll be the first to know! With aaaall of that being said, it’s only right that I tell you guys Chobani has a new non-dairy line!

Image result for non dairy chobani

Now, this new line doesn’t just have single-serve cups to offer they have drinks too! The drink flavors are strawberry, vanilla chai, mango, and slightly sweet plain. The single yogurt flavors are kind of the same except they have slightly sweet plain, blueberry, vanilla, strawberry, and peach too! Did I mention that all of these are organic and healthy?

If you want to try the new-dairy products, they should be in stores this month! In the meantime, if you wanted those Vegan, But With Soul recipes just click here!


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