So everyone knows with the inventions of apps like Postmates and UberEats we’ve gotten a little spoiled. If your fave place can’t deliver then they suddenly might not be your favorite anymore. Even Harold’s back at home is on UberEats! Chipotle is getting in on the delivery trend too as they’ve teamed up with DoorDash to offer delivery at every Chipotle location!

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It’s real y’all. You can go on Chipotle’s website and order your food for delivery in real life. To celebrate, Chipotle is giving free delivery to customers on orders over $10! I don’t know about y’all but those delivery fees make or break my purchase sometimes. Even if I have enough money I hate the idea of paying a delivery fee.

This deal is going on until September 12th so you have a little bit of time to take advantage. Who’s getting some Chipotle for Netflix & Chill this weekend??


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