Goodbye, are the days of Paris Hilton on top of a car or Kim Kardashian eating a salad sexily on a bed to advertise for Carl’s Jr. I know I’m not the only one who used to watch those wondering why this was the way to promote a burger. Well, thank God the 2000s are over right? They still sell burgers for sure, but these days there’s a more plant-based product to promote. This year, thanks to Carl’s Jr. and Beyond Meat, there’s going to be a new vegan option. Look out for the Beyond Famous Star burger!

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If you’ve been to Carl’s Jr. then you know they have the Famous Star burger. I mean you’ve had to have seen all the commercials for their burgers at least! Well, this new plant-based burger isn’t too different. Just take the Famous Star’s meat patty and replace it with the Beyond Burger’s plant-based patty! Boom. A vegan Carl’s Jr. burger just for you.

Just so you know, it does come with cheese so you will need to tell them not to add that part. But for those of us who aren’t fully vegan, this might be a good way for us to dabble in the vegan life and see what it’s like. Will you all be trying the new Beyond Famous Star burger?


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