Whew chile. As a business owner/restauranteur I know a little something about competition but Burger King vs. McDonald’s though?! They might be like the Nicki vs. Cardi but the fast food version. I thought the new app feature Burger King had was petty. Remember the one where if you were near a McDonald’s it would show you the nearest Burger King instead and get a Whopper for a penny. But this? This takes the cake. If you go in to a Burger King in the EU now all of the menu items are “Not Big Macs”. Yup. Petty.

After seeing that picture above, I’m sure you’re wondering how BK can do this without getting the pants sued off of them. Well, the thing is in the EU (and only there) McDonald’s lost the trademark for the name Big Mac. So Burger King, of course, jumped on this opportunity and went straight to pettyville. Honestly, I kind of like it. It’s creative and who doesn’t love a little pettiness? What do you all think?


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