Before I even begin, know I’m probably going to be packing bags to Minnesota soon. In Minneapolis, Buffalo Wild Wings has opened B-Dubs Express which has both a sauce and beer wall. Wow. I don’t know about y’all, but when I go to B-Dubs, figuring out which sauce to get is the most fun and most annoying part. So an entire sauce wall sounds amazing. You can whatever sauce you like.

Image result for b dubs express

The only location is a test restaurant is in Minneapolis, so lets hope all goes well so we can see this again in a city closer to us! I would love to see what a 20 tap beer wall looks like. Especially since they give you a reloadable card for the drinks like you’re at an amusement park. Once you’ve had all the ounces allotted for that card, you have to re-up to be able to drink more. I think it’s a pretty cool idea. Would you all try it?

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