Yikes. It’s 2020 and all sorts of controversial topics have been brewing. One of the most recent ones is a mother’s right to breastfeed in public. Me personally? I believe a woman should be able to feed her child whenever & wherever she needs to, but that wasn’t the case at one particular Chick-fil-A location in Georgia.

While sitting in a Chick-fil-A with her two children, Samantha McIntosh’s youngest was hungry so she began to breastfeed. She was wearing a nursing top and a long-sleeved shirt but that wasn’t enough for one of the managers. They approached Samantha with a jacked and asked her to cover herself because there were children in the restaurant and people felt uncomfortable. Yikes.

Samantha complied but was still very angry at the request. When she asked another manager for information on their policies and how to complain to corporate, the manager who asked her to coverup approached her again telling her to get over it. Yikes again.

This has since gone viral from a Facebook post Samantha created. Even the store’s owner sent out an apology for his employee’s actions. I wonder how high this will go. THey’ve garnered national attention so someone at the very least someone is getting frim talking to on inclusivity. 

If you were in Samantha’s position what would you have done, moms? If you were the Chick-fil-A manager, how would you have handled this situation?


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