Blue Diamond Is Bringing Us Banana Almond Milk

Blue Diamond is following up to the winning of their court case with some very good news. There’s nothing like celebrating beating the people who wanted you to change your name with a whole new product! And I understand the satisfaction of getting to drop something new for people to enjoy. Coming soon to stores we’ll see a new flavor of almond milk. Get ready for Almond Breeze banana almond milk to hit the shelves!

Image result for almond breeze banana almond milk

Isn’t it dope to have more vegan options?! I know I’m not exclusively vegan myself, but this month with all the vegan recipes I’m giving you it’s only right that I give you vegan news too! And a new flavor of Blue Diamond’s Almond Breeze milk is definitely newsworthy! And yes, they used real bananas! I wonder if a vegan banana pudding could come from this. What do you all think!?

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