This is not a drill! I repeat, BeyHive and Jay-Z fans this is NOT a drill! How would you feel if everytime The Carters had a concert you wouldn’t have to pay a thing? How would you feel if the only thing you had to worry about is which FashionNova fit you were going to wear and getting your hair done/cut. Well, this doesn’t have to just be a fantasy y’all. Beyoncé and Jay-Z are giving us the option to win free concert tickets from them for 30 YEARS if you try veganism through their Greenprint project!

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Ok, let me give all you hive members a chance to breathe. Calm down. Ok. Y’all ready? This week I told you all about the Greenprint project The Carters are apart of. It’s their way of using their food choices to make our planet better, and themselves healthier. Jay-Z has even committed to two plant-based meals a day for 22 days! To get your chance at free Beyoncé tickets you have to make a similar pledge. You choose how you’re going to consume plant-based diets and then share your journey via social media. For more details go here.  Who’s going to be vegan for The Caters?!


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