I mean, all hail the Queen, right? First – we love her. Second – we honor her.

She and Jay-z hit the awards show yesterday…late. I mean, what’s the use of coming if you’re not going to make an entrance, right? And I mean, this wasn’t any ordinary entrance. Alllllll of the carpets were done. The show had started. And then, enter Bey & Jay.

I guess it really took 45 minutes to get all dressed up and they ain’t even gonna make it to the club.

Beyonce Brings Her Own Liquor To The Globes

Although Beyonce didn’t win the award she was nominated for, she was definitely applauded for bringing her own stash of liquor. You can see it being carried by her security guard. He was trying to be discreet – but well, there’s only so much discretion available at these types of functions.

Beyonce Brings Her Own Liquor To The Globes

Im with it. Let’s bring a new meaning to popping bottles in 2020! Party at Bey’s table!


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