I love avocado just as much as the next person. No lie I’ve had Chicago’s Home Run Inn pizza with some guacamole before. Don’t judge. But this is an entire new level. According to Whole Foods, they have an avocado ice cream.

Image result for cado avocado ice cream

Now if you’re vegan I guess this is perfect because of the non-dairy aspect but um, really y’all? Avocado ice cream? Is it sweet? A little salty? Whoever is brave enough to try it please let me know.

The company Cado is who we have to thank for this very unique dessert and it’s actually a family business! A mother, son, and daughter trio out of Iowa to be exact. Don’t worry though, if Avocado isn’t your thing but you still wanted to try their non-dairy ice cream, they do have other flavors in the works:┬áCherry Amaretto, Java Chip, Salted Caramel, and Vanilla. These should be sold at Whole Foods as well.


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