Aldi has really been proving itself to be more than just the grocery store where things are cheaper. Aldi has been making moves! From winning competitions for the best wine and champagne to giving us new vegan options, we’ve seen some growth in the Aldi brand! Their newest move is the addition of meat-free burgers to their shelves! The Meat-Free Butcher burgers can now be found at Aldi!

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Now, I can’t say if these will be available everywhere. There are Aldi locations in the UK and most of the time they’re the ones with all the healthy options. Annoying right? I know. I wish the US was granted the same benefits. If these are available in the US, then vegans everywhere will be happy. It’s supposed to be a really good tasting meat substitute¬†and a great source of protein. Will you be trying them if you can find them?


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