Little Caesars is turning it up a notch with their new pizza, and it looks goooooood. I’ve seen a lot of different flavors but this one takes the cake. Little Caesars has introduced their Lasagna Pizza.

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My diet is going to hate, hate, hate me for wanting to try this. But how could I resist it? I mean, it does look delicious. First of all, there are three different types of cheeses on it: mozzarella, muenster, and ricotta. Next, we have to talk about the parmesan breadcrumb crust because that alone sounds delicious. For toppings, the Lasagna Pizza has Italian sausage and ribbon pasta.

Unfortunately, it’s only available in specific locations and during a particular time. Jeez. Georgia, Ohio, and West Virginia locations should have it between 4p and 8p. Maybe it’ll be in all locations soon. Would you all try it?