So is this when we realize that the robots are going to take over? Too much? Alright, but you have to admit pretty soon most grocery stores won’t have cashiers. Like Amazon Go, Sam’s Club has now opened a cashier-less store called Sam’s Club Now!

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This new 32,000sqft Dallas Sam’s Club Now will have its customers use an app to sign in to the store, find items, and check out. You can even ask the app where things are in the store using its voice recognition tool. The app will even remember what you bought before and give you suggested items as it saves your favorites.

There will be some employees there though because to exit the store you have to scan out with one. As of right now, the Dallas store is the only one of its kind and there aren’t any plans to build any more…yet. Do you all like this new wave or should grocery stores stay the way they usually are?