Thanksgiving is 17 days away y’all. Christmas is 50 days away. Tis the season for real! McDonald’s, like the rest of us, is preparing so it’s no surprise that this menu item is coming! McDonald’s is bringing us pumpkin pie!

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Ok, first thing’s first, does this mean that when we get 2/$.99 apple pies we can get one apple and one pumpkin?! Because if it does I’m ready. Honestly, I’ve never had the pumpkin pie from McDonald’s, so I’m also very curious about the taste. We can expect the pumpkin pies to have a delicious filling, and the outside will be dusted with cinnamon sugar. Cinnamon sugar crust.

Unlike the apple pies, the pumpkin pies aren’t here to stay forever. You’ll have to go to McDonald’s in the next two months or so to try them out! Who’s going?