Yikes. Everyone knows the famous seltzer water LaCroix right? Either you’ve heard of it because it’s in your office refrigerator, or you know it because you’re the one trolling those that drink it. Regardless, one thing for sure is LaCroix is famous kinda because people cannot agree if it’s good or not. Now LaCroix drinkers have more than trolls to worry about because LaCroix is being sued for possibly having the same ingredient as cockroach insecticide.

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How does this happen though? LaCroix is supposed to be au naturel when it comes to their flavors so everyone is wondering how does this happen? Well one woman, Lenora Rice, says that there are synthetic ingredients in LaCroix. The same ingredients that can be found in cockroach insecticide. National Beverage Corp., the owners of LaCroix, says that there’s no way this is true. I don’t know who to believe. What side are you guys on?