I’ve been trying to tell y’all that the McDonald’s locations overseas have so many things that we don’t have. And 99% of those items are better as well. FINALLY we may be getting a taste because there are four international items being tested right now at 50 locations in Miami!

The first item is the McSpicy Chicken Sandwich. It’s supposed to be more spicy than the regular McChicken, and it’s from the Hong Kong McDonald’s menu!

Image result for mcspicy chicken sandwich

Next are the BBQ McShaker Fries. Now these I really need to try. These come with a seasoning packet AND another bag so you can mix it. Lawd they coming through with the seasoning?! This is from the Malaysia McDonald’s menu.

Image result for bbq mcshaker fries

Then we have the stroopwafel McFlurry. Now apparently stroopwafel is a cookie from the Netherlands. Wow ok! It’s a waffle cookie with caramel inside. Woooow. This is of course from the Netherlands McDonald’s menu.

Image result for stroopwafel mcflurry

Lastly there’s the Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger. Ooh. Let me just take that title in for a second. It even has its own McBacon sauce. Ooooh whee! Now this burger is also topped with applewood smoked bacon, gouda cheese, onions, and can be a single or double. Now this?! This is something I’d be happy to see! This is from the Spain McDonald’s menu.

Image result for grand mcextreme bacon burger

I would love to get my hands on these! Who has tried any of them??