Missouri is officially not about that life when it comes to vegan meat substitutes being labeled as meat. There was a law passed saying effective Tuesday, August 28th, meat substitutes can no longer have to word meat in their titles. If you violate this you could face a $1,000 fine. Wow.

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Some may find this petty but the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association thought it was necessary. Why? Well they said it was getting to confusing to consumers and they were actually losing business because of the confusion. I guess I see where they’re coming from but I can’t help but think what about all of the vegan products that are already in stores? Or the products that have meat in their title? Will Missourians just not have access to those products anymore? What do you all think about this? Too far or necessary?


  1. The only reason why it’s a problem is because the cattle farms are losing money. It has nothing to do with the confusion of consumers. Because if I was a vegan or vegetarian or even curious of looking for a better way to feed my family. You don’t think I wouldnt do my research? To even know there are meat substitutes means that I had to look at some sort of information. Ijs.