Taco Bell just reintroduced their nacho fries and now they’re back already?! Taco Bell is trying to find another way to capture our hearts by trying out two new menu items! One of them even includes the world’s hottest pepper: the California Reaper. Now of course since they are testing these items, there are only select locations Here’s the breakdown of the new test items and where you can find them!

Image result for rattlesnake burrito and fries

First, available in Cincinnati, are the Reaper Ranch Fries and Reaper Ranch Fries Supreme. Yes they come with the California Reaper, and yes the supreme version is loaded with meat and cheese. Next we have the Rattlesnake Burrito and Fries that are available in Columbus, Ohio. Now these come with steak, cheese, and jalapeños.

If anyone gets the chance to try them let me know! Also I can’t forget to mention, the Loaded Fries Taco Bell brought back will only be here through mid-September. Enjoy those while you can too!