Floating gardens, self-serve kiosks, charging stations? McDonald’s is getting boujie! Just kidding, but for real this new McDonald’s seems like a sight to see. In my beautiful hometown of Chicago, the Rock ‘n Roll McDonald’s has been transformed to something of the future.

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If you’ve visited Chicago’s downtown then you know the Rock ‘n Roll McDonald’s was a staple. A couple of years ago it went under construction and no one really knew what to expect. But now I see that they were doing a loooot.

I let you all know a few weeks ago that McDonald’s could be stepping it up soon and they did. This location has like I said a floating garden, self-serve kiosks, charging stations, table side service, AND a McCafé section. It’s even 19,000 square feet! I’ll definitely be checking it out next time I’m in town. How about you?