The world of social media has changed just about everything. Who knew that advertising on Facebook and Instagram would prove to be way more important than the television or radio? It’s so important that Vidanta, a resort company in Mexico, is looking to pay someone $120,000 to create content for their resorts for one year. Wow.

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Now what will this person be doing for $120,000? Well they would have to travel to multiple resorts (expenses paid, dining credits, and other perks included) and take advantage of all of the amenities they have to offer. Amenities like relaxing by the pool, and going to the hottest nightclubs/restaurants. Again, wow. That’s not even half of it either.

Can you imagine being paid for basically a year long vacation? Getting paid to drink, party it up, and then post about it? Y’all do that for free every weekend! To apply all you have to do is apply online with your resumé and an one-minute (optional) video. No experience required. You have until October 21st to apply and the person chosen will be announced November 1st. Good luck!


  1. It would be a true blessing to do this. My ex is moving away with the kids, so I’m free to get paid and travel. I have 6 kids total. I’m a security guard at Rolex. I need a better way to make money. This would truly be a blessing. This just gave me something to be hopeful for. I hope and pray I’m chosen.