Did y’all know that 17 years ago, the FBI arrested a crime ring led by an ex policeman for rigging the McDonald’s Monopoly Game? No? Me either. Apparently they had that game rigged to perfection! So much so, they got away with $24 million. Twenty. Four. Million. Dollars. So are they to blame for all those years I didn’t win?! Well now Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are going to tell this story…on the big screen.

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So how did this terrible man take away the Monopoly dreams of McDonald’s customers? Well he somehow was able to get to the printer of the Monopoly pieces. Wow. He made it as to where he could control which pieces went where, and started collecting prizes EVERY year. This man had no chill. He was eventually caught though once a tip was called in to the FBI. For 12 years Jerome Jacobson was living his best life while him and his cronies were fake winning all the McDonald’s prizes they could handle.

Are y’all checking out the movie when it comes out?