Okay. When I think of sweets, I definitely think of cinnamon rolls and churros. They’re just some of my go to’s. So when I hear that Cinnabon wants to create their own version of a churro, best believe I’m interested in what’s going on here.

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The new treat is called the Cinnamon Swirl and there are three ways to enjoy it. First this can be an ice cream sandwich. I know right? Carvel is actually teaming with Cinnabon, so it’ll be their vanilla soft serve that’s used. If you don’t want ice cream, you can get cream cheese in the middle instead. Lastly, you could of course just get the cinnamon treat on its own.

And like all of these amazing new menu items it’s only available for a limited time. There’s no clear end date so just go as soon as you can if you want to try it!