This is so sad and unfortunately happens all to often too the children, and adults, of our community. It was reported that 10 students of Washington University in St. Louis were falsely accused of not paying their bill at an IHOP.

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The restaurant called to report a group had not paid earlier in the evening. When this particular group of students were walking back home after eating, they were stopped only three blocks from the IHOP by a police officer. He said they were suspected of not paying. Even after showing their receipts and to-go bags, the officers were not satisfied and trailed them back with six, yes SIX, squad cars. Once back at the restaurant, the manager informed the police that this wasn’t the group he initially called about. SMH.

It seemed as if the only thing that made them suspicious was the fact that they were black. This is awful. These poor babies are only freshmen and they had to be scared out of their minds and embarrassed. St. Louis’ police chief said they’re internally reviewing the case but who knows how far it’ll go. This is just sad and I hope that these kids aren’t scarred from this experience.

If your babies were falsely accused in a similar situation to this, how would you react? What have you taught your kids to do in a situation like this? I’m interested to hear you all’s thoughts on the matter.