Ok, here’s the tea. Last week I told you all Costco removed their polish hot dogs to make room for some vegan foods right? A lot of people were upset since that’s kind of the after-Costco-shopping staple. Well Sam’s Club basically said don’t worry I got it because now they’re serving them. Yup, with a side of petty.

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Starting July 23rd, Sam’s Club will have the dogs at all of their locations. I guess they’re being nice to try to fill that void for all the Costco shoppers. But you just can’t help but notice that this is still deliciously petty. I wonder how Costco will clapback. Is it bad that I wouldn’t mind the stores going at it? Now that it’s been a while since the Drake and Pusha T beef, we need a new beef to get in to. Anyway, I have to ask, whose polishes do you think taste better? Costco or Sam’s Club?