Papa John’s has officially said goodbye and good riddance to the founder and face of the company John Schnatter. He was caught using the n-word in a media training conference call and that was the last straw. He is no longer the face of Papa John’s, and he’s no longer the chairman of the board.

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Y’all this man has been messing up for a long, long time. Remember when President Obama began the Affordable Care Act? Well back then, he said Pres. Obama was going to raise pizza prices because healthcare for employees would cost him money (rolls eyes). Then, more recently, he came at the NFL players who were protesting because, apparently, with less people watching the NFL he was making less money. Again, rolls eyes.

I guess he just didn’t learn his lesson after those incidents because he had the audacity to use the n-word when he thought he was ‘behind closed doors’. Seriously? You would think even a racist would realize that if bigotry is causing your sales to go down, you should probably stop. If you at least can’t stop being hateful for human decency’s sake, at least be smart and try and save yourself. But it’s too late as he’s officially gone. Bye Mr. Schnatter!