Everyone hates food poisoning. It’s never fun and it sucks when your favorite place now causes this bad taste in your mouth. I know people who even if something just tasted a little off they won’t mess with that restaurant again. This woman is more than upset though. Germaine Mobley wants $1 million for the pain and suffering she went through after getting fried rice syndrome from a buffet. I’m all about getting your coins, but sis 1 million? Hey who am I to judge?

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Fried rice syndrome is a sort of food poisoning that happens when food is left out at room temperature for too long. Back in 2016, after her visit to the Asian King Buffet in Waxachie, Texas, Mobley was in the ICU for eight days because of it. Of course the restaurant is saying it isn’t their fault. For $1 million I’m sure they’re not quick to say the food was the issue.

What would you do? If this happened to you would you be like sis and ask for it all? Or would you even ask for more. Maybe less?