Costco might be ruffling a few feathers right now, but mostly just shocking a lot of people with their recent decision. They’re removing some of their staple food court items to make room for healthier and vegan options. They even took away their polish hot dogs.

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Some people having been wanting to throw hands with whoever made this decision. I guess people really loved those polishes! Is this worth the hoopla and tension? Or do you think Costco is making the right decision?


  1. No salads please. I don’t go to a donut shop for a salad. I don’t go to a burger place for a salad. The menu has turned ugly for the most part. I agree with Robin. If you sell them in the grocery section, why not the food court?

  2. Costco better quit playing. They said that staple was gonna stay. Folks can always get the salad if they want healthy or go somewhere else.