When I first heard about this I didn’t think it was real, but chile it’s true! KFC is getting chicken and waffles added to the menu! Now before we completely breakout in a shout, they’re testing it in only three cities first. Still that’s a step and soon it could be everywhere!

The meal will come with two pieces of chicken and a Belgian waffle served with some tasty Mrs. Butterworth. Ok KFC! So who are the lucky cities? Well Asheville, North Carolina and Charlotte, North Carolina are two. The third lucky city is Greenville, South Carolina. Seriously what took them so long to do this? All my people in the Carolinas, please tell me what you think!


UPDATE — 11/09/18

Guys, the wait is over. I guess those tests in the Carolinas were successful because KFC is bringing their chicken and waffles everywhere! Starting Monday, and until December 31st, you can get either a waffle chicken sandwich or some tenders and a waffle. Delicious. Who’s stopping by the drive-thru?