Ok, this off the bat seems like an invasion of privacy. Uber just filed a technological development patent that allows the app to know how lit you are whenever you use it. I can see why Uber would think this is a good idea, but what if I didn’t want you to know all that information?

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I know Uber drivers that have had the horrible experience of people throwing up in their cars, or people just acting a fool while riding inebriated. So I get it. It would be nice to know what you’re getting in to. But some women, and men, out there may not feel comfortable having the stranger who’s driving them knowing they’re vulnerable. Plus, those who can hold their liquor may want to keep how lit they are to themselves. If I’m not showing it, I’m not showing it for a reason you feel me?

Apparently the algorithm will track things like typos, walking speed, how long it took you to request the ride, and other behavioral traits. Am I bugging or is this just getting a little too personal? What do you all think?