Everyone should remember a couple of months ago where two African American men were arrested for waiting for a colleague at a Starbucks in Philadelphia. Because they did not purchase anything in the short time they were waiting, they were asked to leave and the police were called.

Rightfully so, this sparked national outrage. After hearing what happened, Starbucks made a move to not only discipline the employees who made that arrest happen, but to also train the entire Starbucks staff on racial bias. On May 29th they closed all 8,000 locations for a racial bias training, and here is the video they showed to their employees:

This was a really powerful video and I loved the actual footage of our people being mistreated not just in the 50’s and 60’s but in 2018 too. It at least shows that Starbucks is aware. I’m extremely proud that it was an African American filmmaker, Stanley Nelson, who put this video together. What are your thoughts?