Y’all Oreo does not let up! It seems like every other day there’s a new flavor coming out. This time it’s chocolate peanut butter pie. Now this one is interesting. The cookie isn’t even chocolate! It’s a graham cracker flavored cookie with chocolate peanut butter pie creme. This actually sounds like it might be really, really good.

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But they’re not stopping there. This one I’m not sure how it’ll taste at all. Y’all know the ‘healthier’ Oreos, Oreo Thins? Well Oreo Thins is coming through with a pistachio flavor. Yeah. I’m not sure about that one at all. This flavor will be just like any other Oreo besides the green pistachio creme in the middle.

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I’m sure y’all can tell which one I’m looking forward to trying the most, but what do y’all think? Which one are you going to try?