What isn’t Netflix doing? From their own original movie starring a star like Will Smith, to inking deals with the Obamas (I cannot wait for that content). They have been making moves for a long time now. The newest to come from them is a competitive baking show called Sugar Rush.

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Sugar Rush will be something along the lines of shows like Cupcake Wars where bakers will be rushing to make their treats before the clock runs out. One of the judges is even the creator of Sprinkles Cupcakes Candace Nelson! (Those cupcake ATMs are life!) The other judge is Adriano Zumbo who was on MasterChef Australia. Emogenius, and Hunter March from Awesomeness TV will be the hosts.

This should be really interesting and probably binge watch worthy. No word on when it’s hitting the entertainment platform just yet though. Who’s going to be keeping a lookout?