KFC is at it again with another menu change: pickle fried chicken! They’re not changing their name like other restaurants though. I probably wouldn’t be able to take them seriously if they thought PFC was a good idea.

KFC is introducing a pickle-lover's dream food, but it will only be on menus for a limited time. The fast food franchise revealed that it will carry Pickle Fried Chicken starting on June 25, offering the salty, decadent treat for several weeks to please pickle-obsessed patrons. According to Business Insider, the chicken tenders will be available as a sandwich or served alone. Plus, thanks to an early taste-test, the outlet also reports that the chicken is vinegary, salty, and will delight hardcore pickle fans. 
The chicken itself is extra-crispy, and comes with a bold, pickle-flavored sauce for moisture and flavor. Top that all off with some sour dill pickles, and you've got yourself a pickle party. Get out of my dream journal, Colonel Sanders! Actually . . . if it means you'll keep churning out heavenly comfort food creations like Pickle-Fried Chicken, carry on. 
Ahead, check out initial reviews of the KFC's Pickle Fried Chicken, and try not to drool until you can taste it for yourself.

The new pickle fried chicken will actually be chicken tenders cooked with a pickle sauce. Then they’ll actually be topped with pickles. Yeah that’s a lot of pickles. Starting Monday, June 25th the pickle fried chicken should be available, buuut only for a limited time. Who’s going to be down to try the new dish? Or are pickles not really your thing?