Congratulations are in order for Mrs. Ayesha Curry, and not just for her new bundle of joy on the way with Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry. (But let’s also say congrats to him since as of last night, the Warriors are now 3-0 with the Cavaliers in the NBA Finals!) Ayesha is about to be the host of ABC’s newest food-related show Family Food Night.

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According to Ayesha’s IG post, the show will feature eight families as they compete for the title America’s Number #1 Food Family and $100,000. This is going to be her third cooking show, plus she owns her own restaurant International Smoke, AND she’s already written a successful cookbook. Sis puts in work! Well congratulations Ayesha! Will y’all be watching?


  1. These networks they need to cut you a check Darius to do a reality show about your Dining With Darius Series you would get way more view’s than Ayesha’s show just keeping it all the way real fam .