Buzz Pop Cocktails is trying to make our summer just a tad bit better. Alcohol push pops? Yes I am so here for this. I wish I could take these to the Taste of Chicago. It’s always so hot it would be perfect to get some relief and get lit at the same time.

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So the fact that these exist isn’t even the best part, they have a 15% ABV and they’re under 100 calories. That’s more alcohol than a glass of wine! These delicious push pops even come in different flavors: Blueberry Mania, Caribbean Breeze, Lemon Drop Martini, Mango Passion Fruit, Moscow Mule, Pink Paradise, Southern Belle, and Watermelon Patch. Did I mention that these were vegan, gluten free, annnnnnd Kosher?

Now you can get the push pops at the Buzz Pop website and they’re shipped in a special freezer box. Of course you need to be 21. Also, they’re available at some restaurants and hotels across the country. Is this something you’re going to try?