That’s right. The World Health Organization wants to all trans fat in food to be gone. Do y’all know what that would mean? Soooo many foods that are just terrible for us will be gone. We won’t have to dip and dodge them.

What is trans fat? Well trans fat is a toxic artificial oil. Artificial trans fat is made by hydrogen mixing with vegetable oil. It’s supposed to make foods last longer on the shelves. And it’s cheap too. According to Tom Frieden, the head of the public health organization Resolve to Save Lives, trans fat has caused over 500,000 deaths. He wants it gone by 2023.

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America is so late to the game, Denmark and other countries already outlawed trans fat years ago. Like 15 years ago. The US Food and Drug Administration hopes to have all trans fat gone by June 2018. “If people stop eating products made with trans fats, more than 17 million lives could be saved over the next 25 years. Also a major source of heart disease will be eliminated”, says Anna Matteo.

This would be a great step! And thankfully most of our candies don’t have trans fat already. Are you all excited by this?