Yes we have another Sour Patch Kids candy to try! They really haven’t been missing lately. When they released the watermelon and the strawberry ones?! Oh my goodness. I still can’t get over those watermelon Sour Patch Kids. So now we have an even more sour and cold treat.

Sour Patch Kids is now, but very slowly, releasing Sour Patch Kids Freeze. The candy is supposed to get even more sour than usual and it’s supposed to make your mouth cold. Well that certainly is different!

They’re online at Walmart and in what seems like random stores around the US. If you can find them, please try them and let me know!


  1. i did try these i was pretty thrilled; the strawberry lemonade was the best of all four flavors and the cooling effect was subtle but just enough. A good candy pick if your sick.