So…a few months ago singer Justin Timberlake created a video on Instagram highlighting his discovery that a blueberry could fit inside of a raspberry. He called it the Braspberry. I knew Justin could sing me some soul music and that he had my 2000s lit, but I didn’t know he would be the cause of an entire new Driscoll’s fruit product.Image result for braspberries

Based off Justin’s IG video, last week he was featured in a television commercial for the Braspberry! You know the antioxidant drink Baí? Well he was in one of their commercials talking about the Braspberry.

Justin even has (probably the biggest fruit company) Driscoll’s actually aiming to put Braspberries on the shelf! Right now somewhere in a Driscoll facility, there are employees acutally putting the fruit together blueberry by raspberry. Wow. Who’s waiting on these to hit the shelves?