Is this what y’all giving y’all fathers on June 17th? Meat scented candles though? I’ve seen it all at this point. A.1. Sauce is releasing meat scented candles just for Father’s Day. Wow. It’s three of them actually: Backyard BBQ, Original Meat, and Classic Burger.

The candles are even as expensive as the Bath & Body Works ones, they’re 14.99 each. If you’re thinking your dad will like this I really want to know why. Not saying this is horrible but I never thought to sit in my bedroom smelling a barbecue. Maybe the Original Meat flavor will remind me of what it’s like being in the kitchen but I’m still on the fence about this.

Anyway, the candles can be found at and they should be available soon. Who’s going to have these in their house for their guests this summer?