Excuse me while I take a moment to go into a Baptist fit.

I remember vividly running for the ice cream truck when I was a young lad knee-high to a duck’s tail. (Listen, I’ve got to paint the picture!). I was on the west side of Chicago and when we heard that infamous “Do Your Ears Hang Low” jingle, I knew what time it was. I had two distinct faves – either a bomb pop or a strawberry shortcake bar. Yum.

Well, listen. As if our wigs aren’t blow back enough, Oreo decides to take it up a notch with the nostalgic fave.

We hear that the seasonal flavor will consist of a golden cookie with strawberry-flavored bits as well as a whipped strawberry-flavored filling. I haven’t the slightest clue what whipped strawberry filling is, but um, I’m here for it.

Oreo hasn’t formally announced it yet, but sources say sometime this Summer, it’s coming.

Um….we ready!