As we honor Philly today, I want for you all to see the list of my top favorite local cheesesteak spots. Philadelphia native Meek Mill was released yesterday so I hope he’s eating good at one of these places!

Below are six of my Philly Cheesesteak staples. Is my list spot on or way off? Let me know, and tell me some of your favorite Philly classics!

Max’s Steaks 

“Don’t waste your time going all over the city, unless you want to just waste your gas and money.  Max’s Steaks serves up a proper Philly Cheesesteak and is one of the best I’ve had during the many times visiting Philly.  And, they have the lines of Philly locals and tourists stretching out the door to prove it.” -Don C., Washington D.C.

Pat’s King of Cheesesteaks

“I have had many cheesesteaks in my day. Many. This has a flavor, a texture, and an old school experience you can’t get in most places anymore. The sandwich was nice, tight and complete, the cheese came together with the texture of the steak. I drizzled a little hot pepper juice on top. It’s worth it. People making their comments have had things LIKE cheesesteaks and forming opinions based on what is only similar, this however is the OG, what a cheesesteak sandwich is supposed to be like.” -Devon O., Brooklyn, NY

Geno’s Steaks
“I don’t know why this place has bad reviews because the food was to die for….We came to Philadelphia just for cheese steaks all the way from Chicago and were not disappointed! Go here guys,  they are great! All the way from Chicago!” -Holly N., Chicago, IL
Jim’s Steaks
“Great sandwich, one of the best cheese steaks I have had in or out of Philly. The meat is tender and well seasoned. The bread is fresh. Most importantly, more meat than bread or anything else.” -Jay M., Washington, D.C.
Dalessandro’s Steaks and Hoagies

“Look, if you come to Philly and need to get the AUTHENTIC cheesesteak, come here.

I was recommended by a coworker who lives a few minutes nearby when I visited on a weekend visit for Royal Rumble and had to not leave this city without going for the real thing..totally worth the long line and wait!” -Brian J., Sun City Center, FL

Ishkabibbles (My Favorite!!)
“Cue the Rocky Music!!! The Champ has been crowned. Ring the Liberty Bell…damn those cracks!!!  In my long search for the best Philly cheesesteak I overlooked this place because it is not famous like some overrated others. Also they have a funny name that did not espouse confidence in their cheesesteak making ability. I was wrong. Ishkabibble’s is the truth. It is what your dreams imagine a great cheesesteak should taste like.” -Daryll B., Washington D.C.
Don’t forget to let me know your favorite places and foods in Philly. Also let me know how you feel about my list!
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