Picture it. Sicily. 1982.

Did you know that Olive Garden’s most popular dish isn’t that authentic at all?

Did you know that most Americans have no idea how to make a classic Italian Alfredo?

So, the original Alfredo recipe is only starchy pasta water, butter, salt, pepper, and lots of Parmesan cheese. There’s actually no cream or milk in the original recipe.

Well, then comes Olive Garden in the early 1980’s and guess what? They added cream to the dish. They continue to develop their own recipe which now includes butter, milk, cream, flour, garlic, and imported Parmesan and Romano cheese. An Olive Garden spokesperson said, “adding cream gives Alfredo sauce a richer, more full-bodied finish that American’s love.”

They must be doing something right, because it’s their best selling dish. And you know, it’s pretty tasty.

Sidebar: Get the lemon creme cake when you go. And not just one slice. Get one to dine in with and one to take home with you. Trust me. That cake is addictive!