This is probably an age old question. Most people I know tend to refrigerate their butter. Ehhh. I’m not sure anything is necessarily wrong with that. Except, what do you do when you want a piece of toast and the butter is cold? Or, how about when you’re ready to make cookies and you need softened butter? Orrrrrr, how about when you’ve got a nice piece of french bread ready to dip in your favorite sauce and you’d like to butter it up?


So, what happens next.

I, for one, rarely refrigerate butter. There’s nothing worse than cold butter and warm bread. Besides, if I’m not baking biscuits or scones or making a pie crust, tell me one thing I need cold butter for?

*cues Jeopardy theme music*

Here are a few facts you should know:

  • It’s OKAY to leave your butter out at room temperature.
  • Butter is dairy, but it’s mostly fat. That means it’s less susceptible to bacteria.
  • Salted butter is even less prone because of its sodium content.
  • If you can, keep butter in an air-tight container while it’s sitting out.
  • When you do it this way, it should last about 2 weeks.

So, what do you do? Do you refrigerate or nah?